The development of a premium

After a detailed briefing, our designers start with a first pencil scribble. Whether lifelike frog or fairytale frog – it’s all possible!

Once the style is defined and the drawing approved, we start with CAD implementation. Following this, the colors will be defined.

Now we are modeling the prototype. At this point, you can still exert influence on the model. After each stage of the process patterns or images are sent for approval.

After final changes are made to the figure, it goes to the mold and the subsequent production.

Following the injection is the painting. Large areas are colored with airbrush guns. Details are hand painted.

Here in the last stage of production, the packaging is done in poly bags or shrink, loose or in a capsule.

Now the premium makes his way to Germany. We import the goods and take care of difficult customs issues. It follows the loading, shipping, customs clearance, transport and insurance of the goods. We unload the containers, palletizing the cartons to examine the items and ship just in time for Euro pallets.