Social responsibility

Most of our products, particularly the lovingly hand-painted miniature collectible figures and plastic toys, made in China’s southern Guangdong province – the so-called “workbench of the world”. Fair labor standards are very important and therefore we are proud that the production plant of our figures was one og the first 200 companies in China, engaged in the ICTI CARE process. (ICTI = International Council of Toy Industries). The most important rules of this international standards are available here:


  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  • the right to employee representation in local laws
  • Strict compliance with the statutory working hours and appropriate remuneration for overtime
  • Statutory benefits for sickness and pregnancy

On each workstation:

  • Health and safety (of adequate ventilation in work, escape routes and emergency exits)
  • Safety at Work (individual employment protection of employees, security of machines)
  • Reasonable accommodation with rooms for meals and breaks, and sleeping rooms with sanitary facilities.
  • Medical care of employees including first aid officer
  • Prohibition disciplining unworthy

For more information, see ICTI