Corporate Philosophy

10 Principles that we have written on the flag:

Advice & Experience
We have more than 20 years of experience and expert advice, such as premium items can be used.

We offer comprehensive design services from product, leaflets and packaging. Digital data of the designs are always available.

Prototypes & Mould
We employ specialists for prototypes and moulding.

We send to each process step patterns or images to share.

We take on the negotiations with licensors and ensure a smooth approval process.

Project support
We check and monitor with own employees the production steps in China.

The more professional the quality of a company is, the better the resulting competitiveness. So that we can successfully work in this area, we refer the whole chain: from development to procurement, production to sales and customer service.

Logistics & Shipping
We assume the loading, shipping, customs clearance, transport and insurance of the goods. We unload the containers, palletizing the cartons to examine the items and ship just in time for Euro pallets.

We are a German contractor. You may contact us anytime!

Sustainable and ethical development is our goal. A sustainable society needs a competitive company in order to ensure growth and employment. We believe that business success is based on a value-based corporate culture, partnership, dialogue, transparency and performance.